Hipster Mermaid WEBSERIES, Hot Topic Halloween MAKEUP & CAUSE&EFFECT Acoustic!

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Hey guys! There has just been so much busy going on lately I haven’t even had time to log on here and keep you updated! This might be a longer one, but I’ll try to cover everything I’ve been up to over the past couple weeks and get caught up! SO many exciting things going on, and I’m not even stopping to breathe just yet! Stay posted!! For now, celebrate HT DIY Halloween, my new Hipster Mermaid webseries and a new youtube video with me and producer, Adam Gubman rocking an acoustic version of the latest single release, Cause & Effect! Here we go…

Starting off with my newest project (though it’s been in the plans for years now!) is my upcoming webseries starring none other than my Hipster Mermaid persona! (with video by the legendary Andrew Ducote!) Join us at my youtube channel (www.youtube.com/TraciJHines) to learn some Life Lessons From A Hipster Mermaid. Here is the teaser…

Subscribe and thumbs up if you want to see more! Episode 1 coming soon!

For our 2nd round of videos, I bring you…some crazy Halloween makeup! Hot Topic invited me back in September to create some super fun makeup tutorial videos to help get those DIY Halloween ideas flowing for you guys! We came up with 4 dramatic, but easy to achieve DIY makeovers using many of their products (lots of Blackheart esp.!). This is my favorite kind of makeup to do…the more dramatic the better! Going for extreme double-takes here! Whether you want to look cute, hot, creepy or just downright gross, I can help you out with that! We also filmed an intro video where I cameo as a bloodthirsty (and positively blood-bathed) zombie-my favorite! You can watch them on their website, HotTopic.com, their youtube, youtube.com/hottopic or right here…

The last, though equally exciting video I have to share with you is my newest youtube video…a live acoustic version of my latest release, Cause & Effect. Adam Gubman, the producer and cowriter on this track is featured in this video as well, accompanying me on the keys. This is a much softer, more emotional take on the song, and I really hope you guys dig it! A huge thanks to my brother, Cam Oden, for filming and producing this awesome vid! I’ve also got an ANNOUNCEMENT about this one: Due to the overwhelming amount of messages I’ve received asking to purchase this version since posting this yesterday, Adam and I have decided to release this track on iTunes for anyone who wants to download it! I’ll announce once it’s up! For now you can listen anytime via the video..

And one final little fun aside-I also got the pleasure of meeting Tim Burton recently with my good friend Jenny Rae at the Frankenweenie premiere after-party! He approached us and asked us if he could take a photo with us! Pretty much the coolest thing we could imagine. Photo is by the photographer from Tim Burton Productions, Leah Gallo. We were at the event for Jenny Rae’s business, Lil Rae Cakes (I was assisting her for the day) and she outfitted us in her original Lil Rae Cakes Frankenweenie character aprons and accessories! I was Weird Girl, and Jenny Rae was Elsa! Pretty great way to kickoff the Halloween season eh?!

Well, until next time!

<3 Traci


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